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Flight Instruction Packages

Learn how to fly safely!

Quick Details

  • The path towards earning your sport pilot certificate!
  • Multiple instruction packages offered.
1 Hour Flight Instruction
15 Hour Flight Instruction
1 Hour Ground Instruction

To receive your sport pilot certificate through the FAA, you need a minimum of 15 hours of instruction with a Certified Flight Instructor, plus five hours of solo time as a student pilot. Some people may need more than 15 hours of instruction to learn how to fly safely. We offer blocks of instruction time convenient for your schedule.

1-Hour Flight Instruction

One hour of logged flight instruction from takeoff to landing. Includes pre-flight and post-flight briefing feedback.

15-Hour Flight Instruction

15 complete hours of logged flight instruction from takeoff to landing. Your instruction package is tailored to your needs. If you are a beginner looking to obtain your FAA Sport Pilot Certification, then this package a great place to start.

1-Hour Ground Instruction

In order for you to pass your knowledge test, you need to learn the fundamentals. Many of the basic fundamentals are taught while you are in the air, but there are many other aspects of aviation that must be learned on the ground. We can provide tailored ground instruction on any topic of your choice.

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